Listen To Radio Gar Gar Podcasts!

All-new podcasts will appear here when recorded – watch this space for the revival of the 90s on a range of themes.

Now available – Click for synopsis, and to stream or download:




Coming Soon:

  • IN POST PRODUCTION: Name the Nineties Year featuring Search for Real 90s Heroes
  • Chartchoppers Special: Best-selling songs of the 90s
  • Forgotten 90s: Get re-united with forgotten musical memories
  • Novelty 90s: Plenty of choice from the decade that brought us some novelty tunes
  • Guess the Year

…and more, with other special features.

All the classic tapes recorded in the 1990s will also be here for you to listen to again.  The early tapes are certainly cringe-worthy, but as the station developed the later ones get better!

Keep checking back, and they will be online soon!

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